About Us

You have a need, we have the SOLUTION

We Give a New, More Efficient Approach to the Logistics Industry

With over 40 years combined experience within the freight and transportation industry, Talon Logistics Inc. has recognized the deficiencies of their client’s experience.

With a stark lack of communication in the industry, it was clear that Talon had to step in to offer effective, transparent services that instilled confidence in their customers. Talon is a people centric organization.

Talon holds people close to heart both their employees and all of their customers. We care about their well-being, satisfaction, and personal needs.


How We Do It

We provide comprehensive reporting, timely delivery, and open communication.

Talon Logistics is here to lead the new era of transportation. By understanding the client shipping problems, brining over 40 years of combined experience, a costal perspective, and ability to deliver, Talon empowers companies to continue to supply the demand with ease. Our uniqueness is that we use detailed blueprints featuring weekly reporting and a quick response time to improve the overall client interactions. Delivering on our promise of freight transportation, logistics, and storage has strengthened our reputation in the market. Talon utilizes technology like Sonar, RMIS, EXP, and our TMS Software to further our customers experience.


The Team

About Us

Since established in 2007 by the Drake Family, Talon Logistics Inc., has provided logistics solutions with a continued commitment to customer service. Talon Logistics Inc., provides freight solutions specializing in port/rail drayage, warehouse to warehouse solutions, and logistic solutions. Talon Logistics Inc., is a leading supply chain provider for their long partnered customers. Talon Logistics Inc., is a privately-held and family-owned business.

In January 2020, Keith H. Drake retired his position as Chief Executive Officer and became Founder, Business Advisor. Emmanuel Carrillo took over the role as Chief Executive Officer, and is passionate about carrying the legacy on Talon Logistics Inc., and expand our services into the future.

Our Team

Emmanuel Carrillo

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Cano III

VP Of Operations

Abby Carrillo

Director of Administration

Jose Menendez

Director of Operations

Isaac Castaneda

Director of Business Strategy

Rachael Linneman

Billing Manager

Miguel Valladares

Logistics Coordinator

Carlos Menendez

Logistics Coordinator

Keren Lumbreras

Billing Coordinator

Antonio Carrillo

Logistics Coordinator

Judy Perez

Account Manager

Gio Marz

Senior Director of Operations

Kathy McElroy

Logistics Coordinator